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Living Machine 2


Artist: Umair Z.
Medium: Ink On Paper
Size: 21 x 22 inches
Status: Available
Genre: Contemporary art, Object, Geometrical, Fiction, Experimental, Conceptual, Black and white
Code: AS-UmZ-02


About Artist and Work Process:
Umair is academically trained as an Architect and is now working as Assistant Professor at National Collage of Arts, Lahore. In addition to producing art, Umair is the founder of the Nature Tutor magazine and Nature Gadgets. His bio-mimicry concept art journal Nature Gadget was featured at Venice Art Biennale in 2017.
Umair has taken a decade long commitment to build a regenerative future through design by becoming a revolutionary at the Design Science Studio. He is also a part of the editorial board of Buckminster Fuller Institute – Design Science Decade, and the International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design. His nature-inspired projects and conceptual art have been featured at multiple international forums and festivals including CTBUH, Urban SOS, Adaptable Futures and Arctic Perspective Initiative.

Mon ‒ Sat: 10:30 am - 7: 30 pm

Building 74 Main Blvd. 5th Floor,Dha Phase 6, Lahore