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Artist: Hasnain A.
Medium: Oil on canvas
Status: Sold
Genre: Contemporary art, Abstract, Figurative, Surreal, Bird, Floral, Yellow
Code: AS-HaA-03


About Artist and Work Process:
Hasnain is a multi-talented artist from National College of Arts, with more than ten years of experience in producing art. Currently he is running a photography studio in Lahore.
Hasnain uses abstract and figurative images to raise the ever present questions of human existentialism; what becomes of us once we leave this life and move on to the next? Often viewers will see a delicate angelic face hidden in the elements of earth and sky, or a flower standing out against abstract shades of sky and clouds. Hasnain’s work explores emotional experiences of soul rather than the physical reality.

Mon ‒ Sat: 10:30 am - 7: 30 pm

Building 74 Main Blvd. 5th Floor,Dha Phase 6, Lahore